FAQ Miracast

How do I use the PowerCast Miracast App?

Android to PC
1. Run the PowerCast Miracast application on the PC side
2. Use your android device to connect to PowerCast

Windows PC to Windows PC
1. Run the PowerCast Miracast application
2. Go to the charm bar and select “Device” -> “Project” -> “Add wireless display”
3. Select the other PC

Windows PC to Android tablet
1. Launch the PowerCast Miracast app on the android tablet
2. Go to the charm bar and select “Device” -> “Project” -> “Add wireless display”
3. Select your android tablet to connect.

Android phone to Android tablet
1. Launch the PowerCast Miracast app on the tablet
2. Use your android phone connect to tablet by Mircast

Where can I get the latest version of the application?

You can download the latest version off the ApusOne website after purchasing our software.

Why is my Miracast device not connecting?

Here are a few solutions you can try if your Miracast device is unable to connect to our application.
1. Check if the Wi-Fi radio is turned on. If it isn’t please turn it on and try again.
2. Check if another Miracast device is connected. If so, please disconnect it and then try again.
3. Wait 2 minutes between retries.
4. Update your Wi-Fi driver and then restart your PC.

Mirroring lag or choppy connection?

Choppy connections are due to sub-optimal network conditions. Here are some things you can try to improve mirroring performance:
1. Your router might be running an old firmware. Visit the router manufacturer’s website and then download and install the latest firmware. In most cases, this resolves jitter and lag related issues.
2. If your computer uses Wi-Fi, make sure the Wi-Fi signal is strong.


Why can’t I connect?
1. Some mobile phones can only use 3G / 3.5G Internet when using Miracast and cannot connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi.
2. Miracast function is not supported for mobile devices that have been rooted. It may cause abnormal connections.
3. If you cannot connect or the connection is unstable. We recommend that you reboot your phone/tablet device.

Miracast Tested Android Devices

Brand Module Enabled Function
HTC J One / One (M7) / One (M8) Media Output
Sony Xperia Z / Xperia Z1 / Xperia Z2 / Xperia A / Xperia Ultra Screen Mirroring
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 / Galaxy Note 3 / Galaxy S3 / Galaxy S4 / Galaxy J Allshare Cast/Screen Mirroring
Google Nexus 4 / Nexus 5 / Nexus 7 Wireless Display
Fujitsu Disney F-03F / Disney F-07E / Disney DM015K Wireless Display
ASUS Memo Pad / Memo Pad 7 Miracast/Play to
Sharp SH-01F / SH-02F / SH-06E / SH-07E / SHL21 / SHL23 / SoftBank SBM206SH / SoftBank SBM302SH / SoftBank SBM303SH Wireless output (Miracast)
Arrow NX F-01F / NX F-06E / A 202F / A 301F / Z FJL22 Miracast
LG G2 / G3 / LGL22 / Miracast
DIGNO WX10K / SoftBank 202K / KYL22 / Wireless Display
Windows 8.1 Lenovo Yoga2 Pro / Acer Aspire V5 471 / ASUS T100TA / Project
Other HP Slate Extreme Wireless Display

FAQ PowerCast DVD Streamer

How do I setup the PowerCast DVD Streamer?

PC : For PowerCast Server you can download our application from our website and then install it onto your PC.
Android/iOS application: Download from the app stores and install it on your device.
1. Run the PowerCast DVD app to enter the installation process.
2. Confirm your Wi-Fi is on and then connect your PC to the same Wi-Fi as your phone/tablet.
3. Launch the PowerCast DVD app on your android/iOS device
4. Search for server
5. Select your DVD server then input the password
6. Play your DVD/Video

Which devices will the Player work with?

The Player app works with any iOS or Android mobile device (smart phone or tablet).

Which version of iOS or Android does this work with?

The Player app works with iOS 8 or higher, and Android 4.1.2 or higher.

How do I install the Player on Android?

From your phone’s main application menu, find and tap Play Store.
Search for “PowerCast DVD Streamer.”
Tap the application name and then tap Download.

How do I install the Player on iOS?

Just tap the Apple App Store icon on your iOS home screen, and the Apple App Store will open.
Tap the search icon, and type PowerCast DVD Streamer into the search box. Apple App Store will predict what you are searching for, and will show PowerCast DVD app in the search results. Tap this search result.
The search results will return the PowerCast DVD app in the results. and tap the listing to open the full app description.
Click BUY and enter your Apple ID username and password and then INSTALL APP to download the PowerCast DVD app to your iOS device.
Once downloaded, you’ll be able to open up the PowerCast DVD app, connect to the PowerCast DVD server and start to enjoy watching your favorite movies.

What are the differences between Player app and PC server?

Player app is the media player application that you install on your iOS or Android device.
PC Server is the DVD server software that you install on your computer.
Player app on your iOS or Android device connects to server software on PC and receives DVD streaming video from it.

Why I cannot see my server name on a Player’s server list?

Make sure both PC and your device (iOS or Android) are connected to the same network.

Can I connect to the PC server from two or more devices?

No, you can connect to the PC server from only one device at the same instant.

Can I connect to the PC server from my iOS or Android device without the Wi-Fi network connection?

No, the Player app requires the Wi-Fi network connection to be turned on and connected to the same wireless network that PC is connected to.

Can I change my PC server name?

No, the PC Server display name of user’s account name.

Can I install the PC server on a Mac OS X?

No, the Mac OS X version is currently not available.

Can I install the Player server on Windows 7 and window 8?

No, Windows 7 and window 8 version is currently not available.

DVD Streamer Tested Devices

Android Platform iOS Platform
HTC One M8 iPhone 6+
HTC One M7 iPhone 6
Fujitsu F-07E iPhone 5S
LG G2 iPhone 5C
Sony Xperia Z1 iPad Air
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 iPad Mini 2
Nexus 5
Nexus 7
LG L-04E
Samsung Tab S
ASUS Memo Pad 7

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